Each year Harlon costs around $300 dollars to operate. Whilst Harlon is and will forever be a free server to play on, this store page exists if you wish to purchase something from the server to help cover the operating expenses. 

The revenue made help us cover these yearly costs (Listed are expenses from 2023):

- $288 USD/year for server hosting - currently an AMD Ryzen 5950X CPU & 8GB RAM.
- $45 USD/year for domain hosting - this covers the registration and hosting of our domain (harlonserver.net), which is used for the website, server IP etc. This price is exchanged to USD from SEK (473.75 kr.) as of the exchange rate on 2023-11-30.
= $333 USD per year

- In addition, there may be additional expenses when things such as plugins are bought for the server. An example is the custom-made Hockey plugin, and the currently under development Jobs plugin.