Donate to Harlon City Server

Each year Harlon costs around $550 dollars to operate. Whilst Harlon is and will forever be a free server to play on, this donation page exists if you wish to make a financial contribution to help cover the operating expenses of the server. Any donations are greatly appreciated by us, Antlucl and Optimized_.

For more information about the two options for donating; [Donator] rank & general donation, click here

The donations made help us cover these yearly costs:

- $432 USD/year for server hosting - currently an AMD Ryzen 5950X CPU & 10GB RAM.
- $97 USD/year for website hosting - this covers in addition to the website itself the play.harlonserver.netdynmap.harlonserver.net domains for example. This price is exchanged to USD from SEK (808 kr.) as of the exchange rate on 2021-02-25.
- Circa $25 USD/year for plugin expenses - Based on the cost of plugins purchased for Harlon in 2020.
- In total this is $554 USD per year.

*On 2021-05-01, a $25 giftcard for server hosting was won. The server costs for the year of 2021 are thus expected to be $529 USD instead of $554 USD.

Thank you for considering and/or donating to Harlon. It means the world to us. - Antlucl & Optimized_.